Pour L’amour du genievre et cabaret



Step inside Northampton’s Bouverie Saloon – a late-night world of 1920s-inspired wonder laced with lashings of gin, sensational entertainment and a dash of mind-blowing education in all things gin related.

But let’s keep it just between us for now, OK?

Tell me more…

The Bouverie Saloon is a brand-new members-only evening played out against a delicious Delapré Abbey backdrop. Named after the Bouverie family (who once owned the breath-taking grade II-listed abbey), these exclusive nights take place once a month and boast a heady aesthetic of speakeasy vibes, Parisienne glamour and retro fashions.

If drinking is an art form, welcome to a glorious gallery overflowing with masterpieces.

Setting the scene

Where else but Delapré Abbey could the Bouverie Saloon make its home? 

Northampton’s 900-year-old stately home is a special sight to behold – a formidable fusion of history, eccentric architecture and stunning surroundings.

The Bouverie Suite – where the saloon lives – is picture-perfect; stylish, gold-embossed décor that gently dances to spirited ghosts from glorious gatherings of years gone by.

A love affair with gin

The idea for the saloon is the brainchild of The Gin Lady – Northampton’s very own flame-haired gintologist, who possesses an unparalleled passion for this irresistible tipple and is brimming with gin-tastic facts. 

As well as sipping gins from around the globe inside the sumptuous Bouverie Suite, guests can learn all about the drink’s fascinating origins (G&T is terribly English but did it actually originate here?), try unique blends (there are over 40 premium gins to sample!) and even create their own mix under the expert guidance of The Gin Lady, Gin Masters and vivacious Vixens – all of whom have a glint in their eyes and the science of gintology coursing through their veins. 

The Gin Lady only works with a small, dedicated batch of distillers and once you’ve tried their handcrafted gins, you’ll refuse anything less. 

You’ll find no flavoured gins here, just a uniquely distilled devotion to bringing the finest blends created from the finest botanicals to the people of Northampton.  

A cabaret of cocktails

Thirsty for more? As well as diving into the crystal-clear world of gin, guests can also have fun splashing about in a sea of cocktails – from forgotten mixes to contemporary classics (with a decisive nod to marvellous, timeless martinis, their predecessors and derivatives). Learn how they’re shaken up (using the freshest of ingredients) to create concoctions that look as wonderful as they taste. 

You’ll probably never want to go home. Or let go of the cocktail list.

That's Entertainment !

From vaudevillian theatrics and pure cabaret to drag comedy and swing jazz – entertainment at the Bouverie Saloon is as eclectic as it is unforgettable.

Can The Gin Lady tell you who or what you’ll see every month?

No, don’t you dare ask. That’s part of the delectable fun… you never know what you’re going to get until you turn up.



Now, how to turn up… suitably dressed !

Roll up, roll up…

The Bouverie Saloon is monthly and for members* only.

And here’s the deal – membership is FREE, (Although you need to complete a membership form to receive you members number).

All you do is hand over £15 entrance fee on your evening of choice (truth is, you’ll want to attend them all). The fee includes a complimentary cocktail  or  a delicious tea cup of the infamous Bouverie Punch .

To sign up for FREE membership, simply click here to complete a short form. 

* COMING SOON: Yearly Subscription